Great news! Hollywood Dirt's filming has wrapped! The film will premiere in September 2017. Readers who want updates can follow Alessandra Torre online, as well as subscribe to her newsletter

More details to come soon!

4/10/17 Update:

Filming has wrapped! The movie is now headed to Los Angeles, where the editing will begin! I owe a HUGE thank you to the incredible cast and crew of Hollywood Dirt, they were such an incredibly talented and positive group of individuals. I love being a part of Team PassionFlix! 

And check out these great photos from filming...

3/15/17 Update:

Filming has begun! More photos coming soon! 

3/10/17 Update:

Hollywood Dirt, in the press! Watch the video here.


3/9/17 Update:

Johann Urb, from Resident Evil, 2012, and Californication, has been cast as Cole! We are so excited to see him in this role! To clear up any confusion - Antonio Cupo was originally announced for this role, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. 

Also, tech scouting has begun! This morning, the crew is at Cole's house (the Kirkland Plantation) prepping for filming! It's all coming together! I'm so excited!!



2/24/16 Update:

Emma Rigby will be playing Summer! She is a gorgeous UK actress that perfectly embodies Summer's sweetness and sass. 

Also, the PassionFlix team has landed in Georgia! Filming will start on March 13th, and we have an official release of September 2017!

2/22/16 Update:

Cole and Summer's roles have been cast, and we will be excited to announce those actors soon! In the meantime, Mindy Cohn will be in the movie, as well as a slew of other familiar faces! Filming has been moved to Augusta, Georgia due to weather issues in Mississippi. And unfortunately, Antonio Cupo will no longer be playing Cole, due to scheduling conflicts with our revised film date. Filming will start in the next month!


11/1/16 Update:

I am excited to announce the team behind the Hollywood Dirt movie. PassionFlix is a studio dedicated to the romance market, and bringing your favorite romance novels to life. They have already optioned a ton of great novels, and Hollywood Dirt is the first adaptation they are filming. What's great about PassionFlix is that they are 100% committed to staying true to the novels. Everything, from the scenes to the dialogue, is intended to properly reflect the book. Please visit PassionFlix's fan page, and you can see some of their upcoming projects at!

Currently, the PassionFlix team is reviewing casting submissions and coming close to decisions on some of the key cast. I've seen some of their possibilities, and I'm SO excited to see who makes the final cut.

If you haven't already, please visit and sign up to be notified on the movie's release!