What I am thankful for...

Thank you. When I sit down and look at all that I am thankful for, YOU are one of the greatest gifts in my life. Thank you for reading my novels. Thank you for sharing them with your friends. Thank you for liking and commenting on my posts. Thank you for giving my stories a place on your shelves and e-readers, and for letting my characters into your hearts.

You give me confidence in my writing. Your support allows me to take risks and write outside the box. Purchasing my books allows me to write full-time, and dedicate the proper time and investment into my new novels.

I appreciate you. I value you. I am so grateful for you. On this Thanksgiving Day, you are one of my biggest blessings. Thank you.

Hollywood Dirt: The MOVIE

EEEEK! I am so excited to finally be able to share this exciting news with you! Watch the video below for the full announcement!

HOLLYWOOD DIRT: The Movie starts filming soon!

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Fantasy Fest 2016

Sunday. My feet up on the couch, football on, my laptop in my lap. The channel changes, and my husband asks if I want to go to Fantasy Fest. 

When? I ask, half paying attention, my hands busy on my keyboard. 

This week. In Key West. 

I paused my typing. Key West isn't exactly close by. Thirteen hours by car, two connections by flight, it would be a pain to get to -- especially since we'd have to be back home by Friday. By then again ... it's FANTASY FEST. The ten-day non-stop party, where clothes are shed, inhibitions discarded, and all forms of debauchery are embraced. Technically, as an erotica author, I sort of NEEDED to go. It was almost a job requirement.


I used to be so scornful of romance novels and their creation. How hard is it to smack together a female and male? He's handsome, she's orgasming ... game over, novel complete. Stuff in a Happily-Ever-After in the end and presto! You have yourself a book, one that will be gobbled up by scores of blissfully ignorant readers. 

I was wrong. I can't even go into all of the ways that I was wrong, it would suck up your entire Saturday. 

Sports, Romance, and New Releases....

Do you like sports romances? Here's an interesting fact... I don't. In fact, I think I've only ever read one -- HardBall, by CD Reiss. And that was only because I'll read anything she writes, regardless of the genre.  

But when I sat down to write my latest book, a sports romance is what came out. At first I fought it. I tried to put my characters in a different world, in different jobs. I was stubborn ... trying to fit them in molds that they didn't work in.

Finally, I gave up. I followed my initial inspiration and put them where they belonged: on a baseball field.

Amazon Keywords - What you should use?

Amazon keywords have always been a mystery to me. How do you pick the right ones? And what do keywords really DO anyway?

Turns out, using the right keywords can get your book listed in some of those random categories that you can't automatically select. Categories like Military Romance, or Love-Triangle Romance. 

These links give you a list of the keywords that will put you those important (and helpful) categories. Just click on the category(s) that you are aiming for. NOTE: These are only for the US store. 

Want to see Alessandra Torre at UtopiaCon 2016?

Check out the below list of events, where you can meet me!

Utopia Con is a week-long event for writers, readers, designers, agents, editors, filmmakers, photographers, formatters and more! Utopia Con is being held June 22 - 26th, 2016 in Nashville, at the amazing Millennium Maxwell House Hotel. Get your tickets, view the convention schedule, and more at http://www.utopiacon.com/.