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I gambled the most valuable possession I had: my heart.

There was a reason I was handcuffed to the bed, chocolate syrup smeared over both nipples. Dario Capece was getting married, and if he thought he’d ditch me to marry some rich Vegas bitch, then he had another thing coming.

I was taking my revenge in the best way possible: his best friend. Seduction was a new game for me, but thankfully, Trip Reinnet was good at reading signs and delivering orgasms. While a hurricane gathered force and moved closer, I played a risky game of love, luck and sex, with my most valuable possession up for grabs: my heart. 


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I was a cocktail waitress with a fondness for partying.
He owned half of Vegas, with the sex life and reputation to match.

I should have turned away. Instead, I stepped closer.

Then, the lies started.
Rumors spread.
Stalking commenced.
And someone died.

It didn't stop me from falling in love.