Fantasy Fest 2016

Sunday. My feet up on the couch, football on, my laptop in my lap. The channel changes, and my husband asks if I want to go to Fantasy Fest. 

When? I ask, half paying attention, my hands busy on my keyboard. 

This week. In Key West. 

I paused my typing. Key West isn't exactly close by. Thirteen hours by car, two connections by flight, it would be a pain to get to -- especially since we'd have to be back home by Friday. By then again ... it's FANTASY FEST. The ten-day non-stop party, where clothes are shed, inhibitions discarded, and all forms of debauchery are embraced. Technically, as an erotica author, I sort of NEEDED to go. It was almost a job requirement.

I headed upstairs to pack.

We ended up staying four days -- leaving just when everything was getting good. Some interesting facts about Fantasy Fest....

- It's an older group then you'd expect. The average age of attendees seemed to be 50's and up. There was a healthy amount of 30-somethings, but only about 30% of the crowd. There were also ALOT of single men, all dressed and armed with professional photography equipment. I'm not sure what they do with all of the photos, but they were all super respectful and polite. In fact -- everyone we met was really great. People were happy drunk, and super friendly. All body types and ages were embraced, and it was a very "free love" type atmosphere. Granted, we didn't stay out until 3 or 4 in the morning, so it's possible that everyone got obnoxious around that time. 

If you're a tits guy, this is your place. Boobs were EVERYWHERE. Huge ones, small ones, naked, painted, pastied, fishnetted -- I got so used to seeing bare breasts that I grew immune to them. And guys in G-strings. Every age, especially older men, in G-strings. It was interesting, to say the least. 

Want to attend next year's Fantasy Fest? Check out for the schedule. 

Here's a photo montage of our trip. I hope you enjoy it!