Hollywood Dirt Movie Update!

I've got great news about the Hollywood Dirt movie! 

Everything is humming along, with filming starting in just three weeks! And with the start date so close, that means that it's time for cast announcements!

I am so excited to announce Emma Rigby will be playing Summer's role! Emma is a UK actress who will be a perfect blend of the sweetness and sass that is our country heroine. I can't wait to see her in this role! 

Also, do you recognize this beautiful face? She was one of my favorite actresses growing up (still is!).  Mindy Cohn, from The Facts of Life, will be playing Thelma, a Quincy local! 

More announcements coming in the next week! I can't WAIT to show you who will be playing Cole and Brad! 
note: Cole's original actor, Antonio Cupo, had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts, so we will have a new actor in that role

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