The Best Toys for Female Masturbation


  When it comes to self-pleasure, it seems that, historically speaking, guys were regularly the ones pegged with tooting their own horns most often. But oh, how times have changed. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, 40 percent of women say they actually prefer masturbating over having sex with a partner. Which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense.

When it’s just you, by yourself, doing your thing, undistracted by another person on top of you (or behind you, or… you get the picture) you’re able to focus on what gives you the most pleasure—when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. And all those yous can lead to better, more intense, all-around amazing Os.

Products for female masturbation have come a long way in recent years, providing a plethora of great options for women who are fans of self-love. Whether you’re new to sex toys or just want to broaden your horizons, these gadgets will no doubt leave you satisfied.

Toys for Beginners

It’s no secret that trying new things can be scary. So if you’re not yet convinced masturbating with toys is for you, consider this: If variety is vital to an exciting sex life with a partner, why wouldn’t the same apply to the love life you have with just yourself?

There are plenty of sex toys out there that are perfect for beginners (and for powerful orgasms, too). For something small and discreet that still provides mind-blowing pleasure, try a finger vibe or a bullet or egg vibrator. Because these little guys don’t get inserted, they focus on maximum clitoral stimulation, packing quite a punch despite their palm-sized design.


With so many different types of full-size vibrators to choose from, finding one that suits your preferences can be a tad overwhelming. But this great amount of variety also means there’s something for everyone in the world of vibrators. And when you discover one that causes the perfect amount of all-over tingles, it can make your solo orgasms that much more incredible.

Many women claim to live and die by their rabbit vibrator. Even the most simplistic of rabbits provide hours of toe-curling pleasure with their famous clit ticklers in the shape of bunny ears. Other rabbits stimulate more than just the clit, with rotating shafts, multiple functions and speeds, and three-in-one designs which offer clit, G-spot, and anal play all at the same time.

Though some other vibrators (like the rabbit) might feature G-spot stimulation, G-spot vibrators are specifically designed to reach that elusive spot every time. The shaft of this particular toy usually twists or curves near the top, allowing for optimal pleasure to the G-spot. When on the hunt for your G-spot, Women’s Health Magazine suggests drawing a bath, slipping in, and then going to town. Aiming the curve of a G-spot vibrator towards your navel once inserted should hit the spot—literally. Since many vibrators, including the G-spot-specific variety, come in waterproof options, self-pleasure in the shower can add to the terrific sensations.

Oral Simulators

Just because you can’t go down on yourself—that would require some intense flexibility—doesn’t mean you have to give up the sensation of oral when you’re alone. Oral simulation toys mimic the movements and sensations of a tongue. Some are even customizable, offering various speeds and patterns that swirl over your clitoris just like the real thing (or maybe even better!).


If you’ve never tried a dildo before, don’t be afraid to branch out. Adam and Eve points out this out, noting that you should start with your preferred material type and size and explore from there. It's a great way for women who are new to dildos to discover what they like best.

Many dildos offer a life-like design and feel, while others feature sleek, smooth lines. Dildos with suction cups can be placed on any flat surface, like the floor, a table, or door, allowing you to achieve the best angle for maximum stimulation.

Glass dildos are a versatile option that offer a ton of perks: you can warm them up or cool them down for different sensations, use them in the shower or bathtub, and then pop them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Glass toys are also non-porous and compatible with any type of lube, unlike some other materials, making them incredibly user-friendly and hygienic.

Nipple Toys

When indulging in a solo session, don’t forget to give some attention to the girls. Nipples are packed with nerves, making them a top erogenous zone for both men and women. Stimulating your nipples during masturbation can boost your pleasure and intensify your orgasms. For hands-free nipple play, try a toy like a pump, clamp, or teaser. Vibrating nipple toys deliver multiple sensations at once, allowing for increased arousal.

In the end, self-pleasure is all about what feels the best to you. No matter how you like to masturbate, a toy can be a great addition to your solo sessions.