The Girl in 6E

The Girl in 6E: Revamped

The second book I ever wrote was a little baby called The Girl in 6E. At the time, six months after Blindfolded Innocence pubbed, I barely had a thousand Facebook fans. I was stumbling through this industry with no clear path in mind and thought 'Hey! I'll write an erotic suspense!'

The product was Girl in 6E. A 45,000 word long self-published book that sold a fair amount of copies, finding its way into the Erotica Top 100. The book introduced Deanna Madden, a recluse who worked online in the sex industry and who struggled with a desire to kill people. Think 'Dexter in Stilettos' and you'd have a glimpse into Deanna.

FAQ about The Girl in 6E's rerelease

FAQ on The Girl in 6E:

What's different about the ebook releasing on Jan 21st? -- The new version is over 100 pages longer. It has a new ending, more development on the romance side, and new events, additional character development, and is professionally edited and formatted. I would strongly suggest, if you enjoyed 6E in its original form, to get this version. Especially if you plan on reading the sequel, which won't release until 2015.

Will my current ebook update automatically? -- No, unfortunately, you will have to purchase the new version. It will be $3.99. If you prefer print copies over ebook, you could wait -- a hardback copy will be available in bookstores in July. You can preorder it now on Amazon and save $5.00 off its price.

Will you have any giveaways to celebrate its release? -- There will be major giveaways this summer, surrounding the print release. For now, I will be giving away 2 signed paperback ARCs - look for a giveaway to be posted on Tuesday (release day).

Is it a cliffhanger? --No. It doesn't have the complete 'they sailed off into the sunset and lived happily ever' ending of the original version - but it is not a cliffhanger. You will not be kept hanging, waiting on the sequel. The sequel is about a separate chain of events that happens in Deanna's life.

Is it worth getting the new version? --YES! Honestly, you really should. This story has improved so much - yet kept the same vibe. I'm really happy about the story it grew into.

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email at or contact me via Facebook or Twitter.



Yay! Big news for The Girl in 6E!

So... six months ago I wrote this book, this book that stole my heart and took over my mind. I shouldn't use words like stole my heart. That makes you think of sweet romances and tear-jerkers. I should say this book ripped out my heart and played voodoo doll with it. Anyway, I self-pubbed it, posting it on Kindle in April, and crossing my fingers that I wouldn't scare the hell outta my Blindfolded Innocence fans.

I didn't. Those readers were SO supportive, and spread the word, supported me online, and didn't send me off to the psych ward with duct tape over my mouth.

Now, just three months later, I have fabulous news! I just signed a deal with Redhook, an imprint of Hachette, for print, foreign, and audiobook rights.

They have huge plans for this book, including a hardcover release in July 2014. I have spent the last month expanding this book, adding almost a hundred pages of content, and I am so excited about the book it is becoming. I cannot wait to share the final product with you all.

A big thank you goes out to all of you, the readers, who read my books and help to spread the word with reviews and recommendations. You guys are amazing, and enable me to have success. Also - if this message finds its way to any all rock my world. Thank you for sharing this unique book with your readers!

doing a quick happy dance, and then getting back to work. hugs to you all!

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