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Romance ... is it easier in Paradise?

I've been married for nine years. During that time, our relationship has changed greatly. I look back - at how I felt as a newly-wed - and almost laugh. My love was so strong back then ... but it was so different. It didn't trust. It didn't understand, not everything about the man I was marrying. 

Now, we feel unbreakable, like two people whose hearts have fused. And still ... I think of what things will be like in ten more years, or twenty, or thirty. Will I look back at this version of us and laugh? 

Last week, we took our first vacation together - just the two of us - in over a year. It has been a strange year for us, with a lot of new struggles. And, with dreary February weather haunting us, a tropical vacation seemed like the perfect retreat. 

New YouTube Series: #HowIWrite!

I am excited to announce the launch of my new YouTube series: #HowIWrite!

I will be uploading 3-4 videos a months that show a peek behind the pages: a look into the writing, editing, research and development that goes into each of my books!

The first episode is on Rewriting - a vital stage in the development of a book - the stage I am on RIGHT NOW with If You Dare!

FanFic: what is it and should authors do it?

I was a year into the writing world before I first heard the word fanfic. Another year passed before I understood it. And now, on my third year in the writing community, I'm taking a stab at it.

So… what is fanfic?

fanfic - short for 'fan fiction' is:

The Girl in 6E: Revamped

The second book I ever wrote was a little baby called The Girl in 6E. At the time, six months after Blindfolded Innocence pubbed, I barely had a thousand Facebook fans. I was stumbling through this industry with no clear path in mind and thought 'Hey! I'll write an erotic suspense!'

The product was Girl in 6E. A 45,000 word long self-published book that sold a fair amount of copies, finding its way into the Erotica Top 100. The book introduced Deanna Madden, a recluse who worked online in the sex industry and who struggled with a desire to kill people. Think 'Dexter in Stilettos' and you'd have a glimpse into Deanna.

What causes a book cover to be banned?

I swear, from the looks of things, you'd think that I'm a sweet girl. Non-offensive, from the start of my buttoned cardigan to the Mary-Jane's on my feet. But, apparently, I'm still ban-worthy. I've done this post before. Five months ago. When Sex Love Repeat got smitted down by the Amazon gods and hidden in the corner of their site they typically reserve for incest and beastiality. Yep, Brother Fuckers, I love Bigfoot, and little 'ol me.

I'm back in the corner. Just the Sex - my collection of sex scenes pulled from three bestselling erotica books - BANNED from general search criteria. BANNED from recommendations or 'Customers Who Bought This Also Bought' references. *cue my big dramatic sigh*

JTS cover final3.jpg

I really thought, with this one, I was behaving. The rules of Amazon covers: -no nipples: check -no butt crack: check -no penis or vaginas: check -no covering of above body parts with other body parts, such as hands: check -no overt suggestion of nudity: check

Thought I was covered. Panties on the cover. A finger slid underneath, but not too far. Way away from any exciting areas.

Eighteen hours. That's as long as this book made it before Amazon swooped down from almighty and smacked it into the corner.

I was PISSED. FURIOUS. My family ate cold food for a week while I ranted and raved. Then I had lunch with CD Reiss. Midway through my furious rant on all things unfair, she pulled out her phone. Looked up my cover. And about fell out of her chair. "Uh... no. You're wrong." she said bluntly. "That is DEFINITELY banworthy." Well...shit.

I've done the stubborn thing for two weeks. Crossed my arms, stuck out my bottom lip and said 'fuck you - I'm not changing it'. Then... I had to pay the water bill. And dog kibble. And I really really want some new stilettos...

This is a business. I can't sell what people can't find. So *dramatic sigh* I am going to change the cover. In one week. That will allow all of you who are passionate about this cover to snap up this ebook. I am also going to pub, in 2 days, a paperback with this cover on it. That will stay on Amazon for a while.

xoxo - hope you all have a kickass weekend.

big hugs,

the rejected one