Romance ... is it easier in Paradise?

I've been married for nine years. During that time, our relationship has changed greatly. I look back - at how I felt as a newly-wed - and almost laugh. My love was so strong back then ... but it was so different. It didn't trust. It didn't understand, not everything about the man I was marrying. 

Now, we feel unbreakable, like two people whose hearts have fused. And still ... I think of what things will be like in ten more years, or twenty, or thirty. Will I look back at this version of us and laugh? 

Last week, we took our first vacation together - just the two of us - in over a year. It has been a strange year for us, with a lot of new struggles. And, with dreary February weather haunting us, a tropical vacation seemed like the perfect retreat. 

#HowIWrite Video - My research on sex toys

Check out my latest #HowIWrite Video - this one is on researching sex toys! Research is one of the most interesting parts of my job, and I think you'll really enjoy my opinion on two of the toys I tried out.