Romance ... is it easier in Paradise?

I've been married for nine years. During that time, our relationship has changed greatly. I look back - at how I felt as a newly-wed - and almost laugh. My love was so strong back then ... but it was so different. It didn't trust. It didn't understand, not everything about the man I was marrying. 

Now, we feel unbreakable, like two people whose hearts have fused. And still ... I think of what things will be like in ten more years, or twenty, or thirty. Will I look back at this version of us and laugh? 

Last week, we took our first vacation together - just the two of us - in over a year. It has been a strange year for us, with a lot of new struggles. And, with dreary February weather haunting us, a tropical vacation seemed like the perfect retreat. 

We chose Exuma as our destination. A place we'd never been, and to a resort brand we'd never visited: Sandals. The Sandals brand is one synonymous with romance, something my husband and I were more than ready for.

Check out these photos! They chronicle our visit! If you click on each one, you'll get more details on it. Want more info on the resort? Click here