Amazon Keywords - What you should use?

Amazon keywords have always been a mystery to me. How do you pick the right ones? And what do keywords really DO anyway?

Turns out, using the right keywords can get your book listed in some of those random categories that you can't automatically select. Categories like Military Romance, or Love-Triangle Romance. 

These links give you a list of the keywords that will put you those important (and helpful) categories. Just click on the category(s) that you are aiming for. NOTE: These are only for the US store. 

#HowIWrite Video - My research on sex toys

Check out my latest #HowIWrite Video - this one is on researching sex toys! Research is one of the most interesting parts of my job, and I think you'll really enjoy my opinion on two of the toys I tried out.

New YouTube Series: #HowIWrite!

I am excited to announce the launch of my new YouTube series: #HowIWrite!

I will be uploading 3-4 videos a months that show a peek behind the pages: a look into the writing, editing, research and development that goes into each of my books!

The first episode is on Rewriting - a vital stage in the development of a book - the stage I am on RIGHT NOW with If You Dare!