Ciao Cosmo....


Yesterday marked the end of a one-year journey: my time at I had been given a fun task, to write, one episode at a time, three episodes per week, the story of a NYC girl and her hunt for love. 

I created my girl: Chloe Madison, a fallen-from-grace Gossip-Girl-type who was now scraping through the city and trying to find her way (and her man). Then I started her journey. 

It was an interesting ride. I didn't really know where the story was going to go, so it took some interesting side paths before settling in the right direction. And now, one full year later, Chloe's last episode posted to their site. *sniff* 

I won't have to miss Chloe for long. In two weeks I will be pulling out all of her posts (156 of them!) and combing through them, rewriting her story into a full-length book. Will there be new content? Oh yeah. Will some scenes hit the trash can? Yep. Will she still have her happily-ever-after? Yes, silly. I value my life. 

Her new book will be called Love, Chloe. It'll pub on March 7th, though I'll give you tidbits and a cover between now and then. Want to be notified on release day? Go to