Reaching the Finish Line of my novel...

Alessandra Torre home

I'm at that place in writing that I always forget about. The day I finish. It's always easy to remember the struggles. The frustration. The days where I look at my husband and can't remember his name because I'm on my third day of no sleep. But today is my finish line. The easy, write three chapters and be done with this baby, final steps. I want to remember this, to cherish it. A reminder that things might seem bleak at times, but they are always balanced out by good days. In life as much as in writing. Don't forget to celebrate those good days. 

I have a confession to make. I'm a horrible finisher of books. When I first wrote Blindfolded Innocence, I got SO excited by the fact that I was actually about to write a book, about to do the unthinkable, that I just rushed right through the ending. I got so many negative reviews about it, that I rewrote the ending and republished it. Then... I did the same thing with Girl in 6E. And Dumont Diaries. I'm a serial murderer of complete endings. But I'm working on it. I know my addiction. And I know, whatever ending comes out today, it won't be enough. I'll get beta reader feedback and editor nudges about the fact that 'readers will want more'. And some day, in March or April, I'll sit back down and add a few chapters, hit 'The End' again, but in a better fashion. 

Update on this book so you don't get all confused later: I've been calling it Blue & White Baby but it will have a different title. I'm hoping to pick the title this week, after I get the images back from the cover photo shoot. In a few weeks I'll share with you the title and a blurb. It won't release until after Love, Chloe - probably in mid-June. If you go to you can be notified on release day. 

Now... I'm off to write. To finish. And then to do a ridiculously mature celebration dance in my pajamas.