Hidden Seams is HERE!

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My next release, Hidden Seams, is LIVE! 

It is exclusively on Amazon, here is a link that should work for all countries. 

So… what’s this book about?

HIDDEN SEAMS is an enemies-to-lovers romance, set in New York City. It opens with the death of Vince Horace – one of the world’s most famous fashion designers. With Horace’s passing, there is suddenly a billion-dollar fortune at stake – a fortune which has been promised to Marco Lent – the sexiest man in fashion. But Marco holds a decade-long secret, and when a mysterious brunette – Avery McKenna - pops into his life, she could destroy his fortune or be the key to his happiness.

Is it a standalone?

Yes! HIDDEN SEAMS is a complete standalone, and you don’t have to read any of my other titles. That being said, if you are a passionate fan of my work, you may recognize and enjoy few characters that make brief appearances in the novel.

Is it a romance?

It is! Prepare for thick sexual tension, off-the-charts chemistry, and sex scenes so hot they may burn your fingers. I had so much fun creating the dynamic between this couple. If you enjoyed HOLLYWOOD DIRT – this has a similar vibe in terms of the character’s banter, connection, and sexual chemistry.

How much is it?

Release week pricing will be $3.99. That price will increase to $4.99 on January 24th. If you are part of Kindle Unlimited - you can read it for free!

Read it now on Amazon and/or Kindle Unlimited! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! I think you’re going to love Hidden Seams!