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Happy 2018!

So much has happened since my last post! This may be my most exciting blog post ever. PLUS, I just released a new book

what has happened...

The Ghostwriter audiobook released (and listeners LOVE it!). It's on AudibleiTunes, and Amazon. Audiobooks are always fun projects to produce, and for this one, I worked hard to find a narrator that I felt could master Helena's dry humor. 

let's pull out the red carpet!

I went to Hollywood for The Ghostwriter, and am excited to announce that Mark Morgan (Twilight, Percy Jackson) and Dawn Wolfrom (The Perfect Man) are working hard to bring it to the screen! I've already read preliminary drafts of the script and am so excited at the adaptation and how closely it mirrors the novel.  If you haven't read The Ghostwriter, now is a perfect time to! It is available on AmazoniBooksNook, and more

I also flew to New York and met with Damon John (Shark Tank) to discuss Alessandra Torre Ink and Torreville.

my new book baby!

HIDDEN SEAMS is LIVE! It just released on Thursday, and I'm so excited for you to meet Marco and Avery. Keep reading - this newsletter includes an excerpt of it!

So… what’s this book about?

HIDDEN SEAMS is an enemies-to-lovers romance, set in New York City. It opens with the death of Vince Horace – one of the world’s most famous fashion designers. When Vince passes, there is suddenly a billion-dollar fortune at stake – a fortune which has been promised to Marco Lent – the sexiest man in fashion. But Marco holds a decade-long secret, and when a mysterious brunette – Avery McKenna - shows up, she could destroy his fortune or be the key to his happiness.

Is it a standalone?

Yes! HIDDEN SEAMS is a complete standalone, and you don’t have to read any of my other titles. That being said, if you are a passionate fan of my work, you may recognize and enjoy a few characters that make brief appearances in the novel.

Is it a romance?

It is! Prepare for thick sexual tension, off-the-charts chemistry, and sex scenes so hot they may burn your fingers. I had so much fun creating the dynamic between this couple. If you enjoyed HOLLYWOOD DIRT – this has a similar vibe in terms of the character’s banter, connection, and sexual chemistry.

How much is it?

Release week pricing will be $3.99. That price will increase to $4.99 on January 24th. If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read it for free!

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Do you want a sneak peek at HIDDEN SEAMS? Enjoy this excerpt: 

“Would you like to go to dinner?” He glances over at me, the words almost lost in the growl of a passing Ferrari. That’s something you don’t see in my neighborhood. Exotic cars, or enemies playing nice. 

“Not particularly.” I see a yellow cab turn, two blocks away, and step forward, my arm raising.

He steps closer and his body shields the wind. “Not hungry?”

I sniff. “Not really interested in the company.”

“I can behave.” He wraps a hand around my arm, pulling slightly to catch my attention. “Stop hailing a cab. You don’t need one.”

I wave my hand more vigorously in the air and crane my neck around him, watching as the car comes closer.

“Let me take you to dinner. Please. I’ll even apologize while we’re there.”

My hand loses some of its vigor and I drop from my toes, meeting his eye. “You’ll apologize?”

His mouth curves. “I’ll give you the best you’ve ever had.”




“What apology isn’t?”

A lot. Most. Probably every one he’s ever delivered. “You seem very confident about the quality of this apology.“

“I’m confident about most things, Miss McKenna.”


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Happy Reading!